Probably the most demanding, enjoyable and rewarding recreational dive course you can do, the PADI Rescue Diver course will teach you the skills necessary to be the most complete, secure and confident SCUBA Diver you can be. After a knowledge session has been completed through PADI eLearning, an intensive two day course imparts all the skills you need to get you out of every difficult situation you may find yourself in while diving, such as how to perform a self-rescue, dealing with stress and panic in yourself and other divers, in-water rescue breathing techniques, how to search for, surface, tow and exit the water with an unresponsive diver and how to provide CPR and emergency oxygen to unresponsive divers. Multiple dive accident scenarios ensures these skills become second nature to you and will allow you to confidently and skillfully take charge of any situation you may come across.


Day 1 normally consists of a short introduction where you will meet your Instructor and be briefed on what to expect in the days ahead. Your Instructor will also review your knowledge of the Rescue Diver manual which you will have completed before arriving. Once your Instructor is satisfied, you will begin your Rescue Diver course. On this first day your Instructor will introduce you to the skills and scenarios you will be expected to complete in order to receive your Rescue Diver certification. The Instructor will first explain verbally what is to be done, he will then demonstrate and then you will attempt it. Don’t worry, it may seem like a lot of information coming at you in a short space of time, but our patient and professional instructors will ensure that you have all the practise and take all the time you need to become proficient.

On day 2, your Instructor will show you a few more skills to add to what you have learned already and then he will observe you as he gives you various scenarios to deal with. Expect a few surprises on this! Nothing to worry about though, by this time you will have been shown more than once everything you need to know to deal with it. Once the Instructor is satisfied that you are a competent Rescue Diver, he will certify you as a Rescue Diver and you will now be ready to take on anything the water can throw at you!

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