The PADI Open Water Course is the first step you will take on your journey to become a safe and reliable diver. The PADI Open Water course offers easy module based learning and step by step instruction in diving techniques to ensure that once you finish the course you will be able to dive comfortably and handle quickly and efficiently any problems that may arise in the course of a normal dive.


The PADI Open Water Course begins at home when you begin learning at your own leisure using the Online Theory Section at PADI eLearning. Once this is completed, the practical training begins, which takes two days.

The first day begins in the morning and is made up of an Introductory Briefing by your Instructor and some short classwork to revise the theory. There is also a Knowledge Assessment test. After this, the confined water session begins. This consists of some work in a pool or in a location with pool like conditions and during this you will learn the skills you need to become a safe and confident diver, such as Dive Mask clearance and Regulator clearance. Once you have mastered these skills, you will be more than ready to take your first Open Water dive and begin a hobby that you will never quit.

After completing the confined water session, you will begin the first of your Open Water dives, which completes the first day. Day 2 will consist of 3 open water dives and during this time you will learn more new skills and hone the ones you learned in the Confined Water session. You will also complete a no time limit 200 meter swim with no swimming aids or a 300 meter mask, fins and snorkel swim assessment, and a 10 minute float assessment just to ensure that you are comfortable in the water. Once the four Open Water dives are completed and the skills have been mastered, you will be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver with a depth limit of 18 meters and can go anywhere in the world and dive!

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