Once you have completed your PADI Open Water dive certification, it is highly recommended that you continue on and do the PADI Advanced Open Water Course. This course takes only 2 days with a small amount of eLearning and consists of 5 Adventure Dives, two mandatory (Deep and Navigation) and three which may be chosen from the following:

Boat Adventure:

Learn all the skills you need to dive safely from a boat such as different deep water entry and exit types, specific areas of a normal dive boat and equipment stowage when not in use.

Drift Adventure:

Your Instructor will teach you how to assess and plan a drift dive with regard to the particular environmental conditions. You will also learn how to maintain buddy contact and establish neutral buoyancy to avoid unintentional contact with aquatic life and the bottom.

Multilevel and Computer Adventure:

Learn how to plan a dive and stay within your No Decompression Limits using the Electronic Recreational Dive Planner(multilevel). Your Instructor will also show you how to plan and execute a Multilevel Dive using the eRDPml and a Dive Computer and how to ascend slowly and safely.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure:

During this dive you will learn how to setup and don your weight system to ensure proper trim and comfort and how to adjust for proper weighting. You will also learn how to maintain a neutrally buoyant stationary position in the water and make minor adjustments from this position using breath control. This dive also concentrates on swimming efficiency by teaching you different kicking techniques and body positions. This Adventure Dive is highly recommended to anyone serious about their diving as it will help you conserve air and energy, making your dives longer and more enjoyable. It is best to do this class during  a dive certification course as it can be quite expensive and time consuming after

Search and Recovery Dive Adventure:

Anyone who has ever dived and lost a piece of equipment will tell you how much of a pain it is. During this dive, your Instructor will teach you methods that will make the search for and recovery of any item easy and safe. You will also learn how to tie a bowline, sheet bend and two half-hitch knots so you can attach a heavy object to an appropriate lifting device safely and without further loss.

Underwater Naturalist Adventure:

As divers, we know that there are many more types of animals and plants in the sea than on land. We also know that we need to observe marine life in as passive and respectful a manner as possible. This dive will teach you the skills you need to dive while causing as little disturbance and stress as possible to the wonderful life all around you. You will also learn how to locate and identify many types of fish and plant life and how to approach and observe them.

Underwater Photography Adventure:

All of our Instructors are accomplished Underwater Photographers so this adventure dive is highly recommended as a fun and useful way to get more out of your diving. This dive will teach you how to prepare and assemble an underwater camera system and how to take beautiful photos to show off to all your friends!

Wreck Adventure:

The Wreck Adventure dive teaches you how to plan a non-penetration wreck dive, including identifying potential hazards and how to avoid them and wreck navigation. It will also teach you how to maintain neutral buoyancy to avoid touching the wreck or the bottom.

Once you have completed your Advanced Open Water Course, you will receive PADI Advanced Open Water dive certification with a whole new set of skills to make you a fantastic diver and with a new depth limit of 30 meters!

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