These advanced dive sites are available for divers with Advanced Open Water Diver Certification or higher and with 50 dives or more, depending on conditions as these dive sites can be tricky to negotiate.

Tepekong (Padang Bai) –

This little island is the most famous of the Amuk Bay dive sites. “The Canyon”, a striking structure of angular black boulders, is by far the best site here, attracting big schools of Sweetlips and Jacks, big Groupers, Sharks and pelagics such as the Mola Mola. Because of the strong current, coral cover is minimal, and Tepekong has a stark beauty about it that makes it different from all of the other Balinese dive sites.


Mimpang (Padang Bai) –

Mimpang, sometimes called Batu Tiga (Three Rocks), is a group of rocky outcrops about a kilometer northwest of Tepekong. The local fishermen say that in 1961 and 1962, the Indonesian Air Force used Mimpang for target practise, which may explain why the outcroppings are so broken up, particularly along the south. Mimpang, unlike Tepekong, is connected to the Bali Shelf, and the back part of the group is flat and shallow. The southern end of the reef is one of the richest in all of Bali, combining walls and sloping reefs, jagged rocks and boulders, hard and soft coral and big Gorgonians. The marine life is exceptional, including schooling fish, unusual small reef fish, lots of sharks and even Mola Mola. Current conditions can be tricky here, so we have to choose our entry and exit points carefully and sometimes are limited to the east or west of the southern point. These are small irritations for such a fine dive site, however.


Biaha (Padang Bai) –

This island – really a rock, with a rounded cap of grass – is the most remote of the Amuk Bay dive sites, but also one of it’s most beautiful. A steep drop-off reef, nicely fissured and terraced in places, rings most of the island, going to a gentle slope in the north. The inside of the island is always protected from the current, but heavy swell makes things tricky up near the rock face, especially for the boat pilot.